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    SimWiki (or Simulation Wiki) is a place where the most important terms related to computer-aided engineering are explained.

    Within SimWiki, you will find explanations of basic concepts, theories, equations, and the history associated with them in connection with Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Thermal Analysis.

    The motive behind the explanation is to appreciate the evolution of engineering simulation and how SimScale efficiently and accurately captures the engineering phenomenon with its cloud-based simulation software.

    What Is Engineering Simulation?

    Engineering simulation, also known as computer-aided engineering (CAE), refers to the use of sophisticated graphical software to analyze designs and solve engineering problems. CAE includes Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Thermal Analysis, Multibody Dynamics, and Optimization.

    Engineering simulation is decisive in answering the positive and negative influences of the several factors responsible for the manufacturing of the product right from the planning stage. Engineers use simulation to analyze thousands of possible designs until the optimum design is finalized. This not just helps in the strategic but also financial aspects of the product over its entire lifecycle thereby increasing the product value and manufacturing efficiency.

    Engineering simulation is used in many industries such as Energy to prevent cavitation in turbines, Aerospace to reduce turbulence in planes, HVAC for ventilation and airconditioning in spaces, Electronics to reduce heat generation in batteries Automotive to treat combustion, Oil & Gas to analyze the presence and particle and other fluids in multiphase flows, City planning for pedestrian wind comfort, etc.

    Does this excite you?

    Practicing engineering simulation can be an exciting task. With SimScale you can get started with simulations within minutes by signing up with our Community account.

    Discover SimScale’s SimWiki starting with the articles listed below. They dive into the history by explaining the evolution and its modern-day usage and interpretations:



    CFD | Computational Fluid Dynamics

    FEA | Finite Element Analysis

    Heat Transfer | Thermal Analysis

    Numerics for CFD and FEA


    Last updated: May 13th, 2024

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