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Consumer Goods

CFD, FEA and Thermal Analysis Software for Consumer Goods

With SimScale’s wide range of functionalities and analysis types, companies that operate in the consumer goods industry can simulate their designs and use the resulting data as well as the 3D visualizations to produce better products.

Reduced time to market and constant decrease in production costs are the drivers behind most consumer products.

Products need to become cheaper and innovation cycles are getting shorter.

With simulation, companies have a reliable way to fulfill these needs.

Cloud-based, robust, and easy-to-use, SimScale supports the simulation of consumer products as diverse as washing machines, mobile phones, beverage containers, car seats, racing bikes, and many more, with plenty of different simulation types, including Structural Mechanics (FEM), Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Thermodynamics, Acoustics, and Particle Analysis.

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The following product categories are just a part of what you can simulate with SimScale:

• Food and Beverage

• Consumer Electronics

• Home and Kitchen Appliances

• Furnishings

• Sports Equipment

• Automobiles and Parts

• Leisure Goods

• Personal Goods

• Packaging

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Simulating Premium Racing Wheels

Founded in 2010 and based in Japan, Tokyowheel is a highly-specialized company that engineers technical carbon fiber racing wheels for competitive cyclists. Their carbon wheels for road, triathlon, and cyclocross bikes provide significant performance improvements through decreased aerodynamic drag of the wheel shape, and the decreased mass of the lightweight carbon fiber construction.

SimScale enabled Tokyowheel’s engineers to perform fluid flow analyses of strategically different wheel designs in parallel and in a timely manner.

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