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CAE for Industrial Equipment and Machinery

Industrial Equipment and heavy machinery design engineering Simulation Software

CFD and FEA Simulation Software for Industrial Equipment and Machinery

In the industrial equipment industry, customer expectations and government regulations are related to strength, speed, safety, reliability, and endurance under different operating conditions. Chosen by manufacturers to virtually simulate machines and industrial equipment, SimScale is helping to optimize the design early in the design cycle. This ensures the production of high-performance machinery with a shorter time-to-market and lower costs for physical testing. Perfectly suited for simulating all types of machinery and industrial equipment — with mounting, clamping, adjusting, rotating and other elements — SimScale is a simulation tool used across many different industries, including construction, mining, automotive, chemical, and steel industries and many more.

Centrifugal Pump CFD Simulation with MRF moving reference frame
 Reclaimer Stress Analysis FEA simulation
Cyclone Separator particle flow simulation
Industrial Suction Nozzle Internal Flow Analysis cfd simulation
Machine Tool Thermal structural Analysis
sheet metal stamping Deep Drawing Process with a Radial Stamp fea simulation
Radial Impeller Turbulent Airflow Analysis cfd simulation
Fluid Flow through Static Mixer Design CFD Analysis

Here are some of the industrial equipment categories that engineers are simulating with SimScale:

  • Heavy equipment/ construction equipment
  • Plant machinery
  • Machine tools (lathe, drill press, etc.)
  • Cutting tools and rolling machines
  • Industrial robots and packaging machinery
  • Industrial ovens, separator devices
  • Ventilators and turbines
  • Pumps & Valves

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Machine Tool Thermal structural Analysis

Case Study

Thermostructural Analysis of a Machine Tool

Deformation is a major concern for high-precision machine tools. Determining the affected parts of a machine tool early on in the design process reduces testing and redesign efforts. In this project, a thermostructural analysis of a machine tool was performed with SimScale, in order to determine the deformation of structures under thermal loads.


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