Data Center Design for ASHRAE 90.4

Validate data center designs and ensure energy efficiency for ASHRAE 90.4 standard.

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“I loved the fact that I could do what I need to do in a browser. I started working without installing any software. Using any computer I could upload the model and start the analysis. That was the big “wow” moment.”

Ben Lewis

President at Custom Machines

SimScale platform showing an AEC application

CFD, FEA, and Thermal Analysis

All in One Platform

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

The SimScale platform gives you access to sophisticated Fluid Dynamics simulation capabilities. Depending on the Reynolds number of the fluid flow, laminar or turbulent models can be selected. The solvers support both steady-state and transient setups. Single and multiphase flows can be analyzed, in addition to mass transport, and advanced modeling concepts.

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Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

For your Structural Mechanics analyses, you can use linear static analysis to maximize your computational efficiency or nonlinear analysis to better fully capture the physical behavior of the system. Dynamic, modal, and frequency analyses are also available. All structural mechanics solvers support natively single parts or complete CAD assemblies.

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Thermal Simulation

Use SimScale to predict the behavior of your application under the influence of thermal effects. Capture the structural response of a component to thermal loads or use the conjugate heat flow solver to understand the heat flow through adjacent solid and fluid regions.

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