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Across many industries, manufacturing companies, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and original equipment suppliers (OESs) worldwide need to increase their engineering capabilities in order to meet the growing demand for new technologies and products. Engineering offices, whether they are specialized in a singular field or multiple areas, are experiencing increasing pressure related to quality, performance, and time of delivery, as product lifecycles across industries become shorter. Specialized in industrial equipment, turbomachinery, automotive, aerospace, and many others industries, engineering firms are working with SimScale to virtually test their designs and deliver the best quality to their customers.

car air intake Flow Analysis CFD simulation
Acoustic Analysis of a Car Cabin Design
Simulation for Engineering Services
radial fan design cfd analysis
truck loader arm stress analysis fea simulation
Car Brake System Transient Thermal Analysis
Globe Valve design Optimization Reduce Pressure Drop CFD analysis
climbing carabiner clip Dynamic Analysis von Mises Stress FEA

With SimScale, engineering service companies can simulate a wide range of devices, vehicles and structures, including:

  • Vehicles and components
  • Aircraft parts
  • Naval and commercial vessels
  • Industrial equipment and machinery
  • HVAC equipment
  • Construction equipment and structures
  • Turbomachines
  • Electronics

Better product development with simulation.

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radial fan design cfd simulation

Case Study

Reducing the cost of physical prototypes for the optimization of a radial fan design

The engineering office Dr. Heiser is using the SimScale platform to investigate design changes of an existing radial fan with fluid flow simulation. Getting accurate data on the pressure increase and the power consumption of their new fan design, the engineers were able to verify that the product would meet the expected performance characteristics.

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