Once the computation of a simulation run is completed, the result fields are ready to be analyzed. The process of visualizing simulation results is called Post-Processing. Besides SimScale’s integrated post-processing environment there is also the possibility to download the raw result data and post-process using a thrid-party desktop application (see below).

Integrated Post-Processing Environment

SimScale’s integrated Post-Processor is based on Ceetron’s technology.

To open a simulation result data set for post-processing either click on ‘Post-process results‘ in the run panel or on ‘Solution fields‘ in the simulation tree. Since the rendering is done remotely the initialization may take a few seconds before anything is shown in the viewer.

Integrated Post-processor
Integrated Post-processor

Post-Processing via 3rd-party Solution

Alternatively to the integrated online Post-Processor, you can simply download the raw result data for a specific simulation run.

Currently the results are provided as .pvd or .foam files which are supported by most of the common post processing systems. In case you are looking for one, ParaView ( is an Open Source tool that can be used for a large variety of post processing tasks.

Post-processing via 3rd-party solution
Post-processing via 3rd-party solution
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