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Post-Processing With SimScale

Post-processing is a way to visualize and process the results obtained once the simulation run has finished; hence the word post-processing as opposed to pre-processing, which counts the steps taken to set up the simulation run.

SimScale has its own integrated post-processor where the simulation results can be analyzed. There is also the possibility to download the raw result data and post-process using a third-party desktop application, e.g., ParaView.

Integrated Post-Processing Environment

SimScale’s integrated Post-processor is based on Ceetron’s technology.

To open the simulation result data set for post-processing, either click on ‘Post-process results‘ in the run panel or on ‘Solution Fields‘ in the simulation tree. Since the rendering is done remotely, the initialization may take some time before anything is shown in the viewer.

this image shows how to access integrated post processor
Figure 1: Accessing the SimScale post-processor. Either click on the ‘Solution Fields‘ or on ‘Post-process results’.

Take a sneak into the post-processor that allows you to visualize the flow variables over the complete domain or selected planes along with particle traces, animations, etc.

simscale post-processing environment with all the features
Figure 2: SimScale’s integrated post-processor has several computing features as can be seen on top left. Here, velocity contours over F1 cars are being analyzed.

The best part about the online post-processor is that all the results get saved on the cloud and can be accessed anytime, from any system. To get a hold on the features of this integrated platform, please visit this page.

Post-Processing via Third-Party Solution

Alternatively, you can post-process the simulation results in an external environment by downloading the result data from a specific simulation run. Here’s how it is done:

simscale workbench feature to download simulation results
Figure 3: Click the downward arrow (highlighted) to download the results from your simulation run to process in an external environment. The file size is indicated too.


Users should note that the entire project involving multiple geometries or simulation runs cannot be downloaded. Only the individual runs can be downloaded and saved to local drive.

Currently, the OpenFOAM based results are downloaded as .foam, Code_Aster ones as .pvd (or more accurately as VTM, the PVD just adds the time step info), Pacefish results as either .case (EnsightGold) and the Wind Comfort results are downloaded as VTM again. These results are supported by most of the common post-processing software.

In case you are looking for one, ParaView is an open source tool that can be used for a large variety of post-processing tasks. Step-by-step procedure here.

paraview post-processor where the downloaded simscale simulation results can be processed
Figure 4: Interface of the ParaView external post-processor

Last updated: July 14th, 2021

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