Post Processing

As soon as the results of your simulation are present, there will a little notice appear in your message box (Finished). This means now you can visualize and analyze the results. Basically there are two options:

  • Use the browser-based post-processing environment within the SimScale interface
  • Download the results and use your own post-processing software to visualize and analyze the simulation results

The two options are introduced in more detail below.

Integrated Post-Processing Environment

Post-Processing is the process of extracting the required information from the results generated by the simulation. With SimScale, Post-Processing on is usually also done within the browser. The Post-Processor is based on Ceetron’s technology.

The simulation runs are sorted out according to the projects – click on the one you want to visualize to initialize the environment. Since the rendering is done remotely the initialization may need a few seconds before you can see something.

Integrated Post-processor
Integrated Post-processor

Post-Processing via 3rd-party Solution

In case you want to use your own software to examine the simulation you can download the results simply by clicking on the Download results button of the specific simulation run.

Post-processing via 3rd-party solution
Post-processing via 3rd-party solution

Currently the results are provided as vtk-files for which many of the known post processing systems has import capabilities for. In case you are looking for one, ParaView ( is an Open Source tool that can be used for a lot of post processing tasks.