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Drive innovation & optimize automotive performance

SimScale enables automotive engineers, designers, and enthusiasts to leverage the power of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and other simulation techniques to optimize vehicle performance, improve aerodynamics, enhance thermal management, and ensure the safety of automotive systems.

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SimScale is a cloud-native CAE software that helps accelerate product innovation via a company-wide, collaborative simulation tool.

CFD and FEA for Automotive and Transportation

The dynamic growth of the automotive and transportation industry today calls for constant engineering innovation. This demand has propelled engineering simulation to become the industry standard for product design testing, validation, and optimization, thus reducing physical prototyping.

Creating a web-based, easy-to-use, and cost-effective simulation platform, SimScale has made simulation available to all companies, including OEMs, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 companies.

With SimScale, organizations can deploy simulation company-wide and across all product life cycle phases, enabling a level of collaboration and efficiency unparalleled in the market. This creates new business value while minimizing risk, costs, and environmental footprint.

automotive simulation
Linear static analysis of a car suspension
Differential casing thermal analysis
Frequency analysis of a crankshaft
Car simulation
Static simulation of a car rim
Post-processing image
Post-processing image
Frequency analysis of a disc brake

Components to Simulate with SimScale

Using cloud-native CAE with SimScale, your engineering team can access and perform online CFD and FEA simulations anywhere in the world, covering applications such as vehicle aerodynamics, tank sloshing, underhood thermal management, and water fording.

Among many, here are some components you can simulate online using SimScale:

  • Vehicle bodies (aerodynamics, circulation, turbulent flow, velocity, etc.)
  • Gear unit and power train (stress calculation, cooling, vibration)
  • Chassis (vibration, eigenfrequencies)
  • Adjustment rack (stress zones)
  • Interior (air conditioning, thermal comfort, airflow, acoustics, temperature distribution)
  • Engine compartment (stress analysis, cooling)
  • Wheels

Customer Success

Carlsson optimized their car’s aerodynamics in 5 hours.

Using SimScale, Carlsson Autotechnik simulated the aerodynamics around their C25 car. With a quick simulation, they examined and optimized the aerodynamics, saving an average of $40k on hardware costs with a simulation cost of a mere $60.

Carlsson car in the background with overlayed visuals showing benefits to using SimScale simulation: 5-hour simulation, $60 simulation costs, and $40k average savings on hardware costs

Power Maxed Racing Uses Simulation to Win Championships

Automotive & TransportationMachinery & Industrial Equipment

ITW Accelerates the Development of Fastening Components

Automotive & TransportationMachinery & Industrial Equipment

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