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SimScale Tutorials and User Guides

Our SimScale tutorials provide access to multiple analysis types to analyze your designs. Find several SimScale tutorials and user guides here that should cover the most common types of use cases.

User Guides

Find here a list of industry-specific user guides, designed to provide a step by step workflow to help you set up your analysis:

SimScale Tutorials: Analysis Type

The links below lead to SimScale tutorials on how to set up simulations on the platform in a fast and efficient manner.

Structural Mechanics

Fluid Dynamics


Post-Processing with SimScale Tutorials

Meshing SimScale Tutorials

An important part of simulation is to create the right mesh. Learn how to create high quality computational meshes for your simulations:



Hex-dominant parametric

SimScale Academy

In case you’re looking for a complete course on CAE, including more advanced examples as well as a theoretical introduction to the underlying concepts of numerical simulation, take the Introduction to CAE course on the SimScale Academy and get certified with SimScale.

Last updated: November 25th, 2020

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