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CFD and FEA Simulation Software for Manufacturing

With SimScale, manufacturing companies, OEMs and suppliers can virtually analyze and experiment with their processes and machines, massively reducing the time and costs associated with physical testing. The rapid developments in technology, material science, and advanced manufacturing are changing the way global companies use market opportunities and create strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Along with innovative models, 3D printing, and analytics on customer preferences, simulation, and computer modeling are part of the new era of innovation in manufacturing. Optimized for a wide range of machines, tools, and processes, SimScale has been chosen by engineers worldwide to virtually test their designs and analyze multiple scenarios in less time with lower costs than physical prototyping.

sheet metal stamping Deep Drawing Process with a Radial Stamp fea simulation
Toggle Clamp Linear Analysis multibody dynamics fea simulation
Cyclone Separator particle flow simulation
Pipe Junction Design CFD Analysis
Bench Vise Analysis clamp assembly Static Stress Simulation
Fluid Flow through Static Mixer Design CFD Analysis
mill Particle flow analysis
Rubber Seal Sliding Simulation Static Analysis

Here are some of the manufacturing categories that engineers are simulating with SimScale:

  • Stamping processes
  • Molding and forming
  • Fastening systems
  • Bending and stress analysis
  • Thermostructural analysis
  • Displacement field identification
  • Particle mixing
  • Material behavior

Better product development with simulation.

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Screw Conveyor Simulation for Particle flow Analysis

Case Study

Particle Analysis in a Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyors are usually used in industries where liquid or granular materials mixing or moving are required. In this project, the particles were analyzed in 3 different stages, gaining data that was used to optimize the screw conveyor design.


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