active compared to passive ventilation

Active compared to Passive Ventilation using CFD: IBEEE’s Success Story

Written by: Netty on 21 February, 2017

Rising energy prices, environmental consciousness and the associated demand for energy efficiency are key topics in the design of single and multi-family houses, for reducing…

Tokyowheel success

Carbon Wheels Simulated with SimScale: Tokyowheel’s CFD Story

Written by: Netty on 16 February, 2017

“Ride Faster, With Less Effort, and Enjoy Your Cycling More.” This is the promise people at Tokyowheel make to their customers. And they stand by…

SimScale Piping Design

10 Piping Design Simulations: Fluid Flow and Stress Analyses

Written by: Radu Crahmaliuc on 7 February, 2017

Piping design is essential for a wide range of applications, from Oil & Gas extraction and transportation, refineries, power stations, HVAC, and cooling systems in…

CFD simulation accuracy

What is Accuracy in FEA or CFD Simulation?

Written by: Ajay Harish on 2 February, 2017

This is a common question that haunts most designers – what is the accuracy in FEA or CFD simulation? How accurate are these computer models?…


What is Convergence in Finite Element Analysis?

Written by: Ajay Harish on 23 January, 2017

It is a common question to ask if the solutions obtained through FEA simulations are converged. What does this convergence mean? In this article, we…

active and passive cooling

What is the Difference Between Active and Passive Cooling?

Written by: Netty on 17 January, 2017

Thermal problems are very common in product design, especially electronics. Designing efficient printed circuit boards (PCBs) that don’t overheat or energy-efficient microprocessors is challenging. Architectural design…


5 CFD Simulations for Aircraft Design

Written by: Radu Crahmaliuc on 12 January, 2017

Aircraft design is one of the ares where engineering simulation was used first, together with automotive. From nanotechnologies and micro-composite materials to futuristic wings profiles,…

simscale referral program

Announcing the SimScale Referral Program

Written by: Agata on 10 January, 2017

It’s the beginning of 2017 and we are excited to start it with the launch of the SimScale Referral Program! Many of our users found…