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Advanced Concepts

Advanced concepts allow the addition of more complex models to the existing simulation. For fluid flow simulations, the following advanced concepts are available:

  • Rotating Zones
    Rotating zones can be used to model rotating systems such as turbines, fans, ventilators, and similar systems.
  • Solid body motions
    With the Solid body motion feature, the movement of the entire simulation domain as a whole can be simulated.
  • Porous Media
    A Porous medium can be defined to specify porosity characteristics for a region in the simulation domain.
  • Power Sources
    Power sources (formerly ‘Heat sources’) can be used to simulate heat generation from a volume.
  • Momentum Sources
    Momentum sources can be used to simulate fans, ventilators, and other similar devices without having to model the exact geometry and motion of the device.
  • Passive Scalar Sources
    Passive scalar sources can be used to simulate the propagation of species like smoke from a burning car in a garage or the diffusion of dust or pollutants in a tunnel.
  • Thermal resistance networks
    It can be used to approximate the effect of heat sources and heat transfer from that source to the surrounding domain without explicitly having to resolve the source geometry itself.
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