SimScale Documentation

Here you can learn more about SimScale. These pages give you access to all kind of information and helps with using the platform. Find introductions, solver descriptions, best practices and screencasts.

Get started with SimScale

If this is your first visit on the SimScale platform, we recommend you to take a quick tour and create your first simulation by clicking on“Help” and selecting “Community tour” button on the top-right corner of the screen. The platform is divided into 3 different sections: Community, Dashboard and Workbench. You can find more information in this section.

Collaboration features

The SimScale platform offers different ways of how distributed teams can interact and collaborate with each other. Follow the link above for more information.

Pre-processing (CAD / Meshing)

How do I get started with a CAD file? How do I create a mesh with SimScale? Click the caption to find the CAD preparation techniques and meshing possibilities that can be done to perform your simulations efficiently.

Analysis types

On SimScale platform you can perform simulation in three streams: Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Thermal Analysis. Here you have the information on the physical systems you can simulate, as well as explanation on the different models and solver types.


The most interesting section of running a simulation is to find the relevant results that are required out of the study. There are various post-processing capabilities that helps you arrive at the conclusions of designs. Here you can find information on approaches that can be followed in SimScale to get to your results.


SimScale platform provides multiple capabilities to analyze mechanical designs. Here you can find several tutorials on CAD & mesh creation as well as fast and efficient setup of numerical analyses.

Help and Support

Being a cloud based software solution, SimScale can provide live support and quick resolution to issues with the platform or your projects. Please let us know if you encounter any problems and we will be happy to help!

Furthermore, you find some general information on the involved software and known limitations of the platform on the following pages.