SimScale is a browser-based online-platform that provides powerful modeling and simulation capabilities. With in-browser 3D visualization, scalable on-demand computing capacity and a pay-per-use pricing model, the SimScale platform enables a new way of using simulation technology: efficient, flexible and powerful.

SimScale integrates a broad variety of simulation tools from structural mechanics, fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. Both Finite Element as well as Finite Volume based solvers are available. The SimScale team and its partners are constantly expanding the platform with new analysis types and other features.

Get started with SimScale

If this is your first visit on the SimScale platform, we recommend you to take a quick tour and create your first simulation by clicking on the "Get Started with SimScale" section on the left. For further information the following feature tour gives you a detailed overview about the opportunities of the four main pages.

Getting started tour

Troubleshooting and Support

Please let us know if you encounter any problems or your browser doesn't display 3D. We will be happy to help!

Frequently asked questions



Collaboration features


How do I get started with a CAD file? How do I create a mesh with SimScale? The following pages show you how to create a mesh from a CAD file.

Pre-processing (CAD/Meshing)

Analysis / Solving

Learn more about the simulation capabilities of SimScale. This section gives you information on the physical systems you can simulate, as well as specific details and help with the different models and solvers.

Analysis types

Post-Processing and Visualization

Find information on how to do post-processing with SimScale.



The SimScale platform provides multiple capabilities to analyze mechanical designs using many different simulation technologies. We provide many tutorials which show step-by-step how to successfully create a high quality computational mesh for your simulations and how to set up a fast and efficient numerical analysis on SimScale.

Meshing tutorials
Analysis tutorials

Third-party software and limitations

On the following pages, you find some general information on the involved software and known limitations of the platform.

Third Party Software