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Simulation Control

Simulation control

Under the tree item Simulation control, you can adjust different global properties and parameters regarding the simulation process. All analysis types on the SimScale platform do have some of these properties in common and some of them appear only in certain analysis types. Here you can also decide on which instance type your simulation is calculated via the number of computing cores setting.

General settings

  • Number of computing cores: Number of cores, used for your simulation.
  • Maximum runtime: The maximum runtime of your simulation in real-time, after which it will be stopped.
  • Start time value: The starting time of your simulation (in simulation time, normally 0)
  • End time value: The end time of your simulation (in simulation time).

Important Information

For a “Steady-State” analysis End time value is a ‘pseudo’ time value and holds no physical meaning

  • Time step length: The time between two computation steps of a simulation (in simulation time).

Important Information

For a “Steady-State” analysis Time step length is a ‘pseudo’ time-step and again holds no physical meaning. Then it simply determines the “Number of Overall Iterations” done to reach a steady-state, calculated as “(End time) / (Time step length)”.

OPENFOAM® specific settings

Code_Aster specific settings

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