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Five Ways SimScale can Help you Design Better Valves

Reduce Weight and Maintain Strength

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Identify Cavitation
Risk Areas

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Reduce Pressure

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Adjust Flow Field and Optimize Flow Through a Valve

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Test How a Valve Will Perform Under Extreme Conditions

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How to reduce pressure drop in a valve by 17%

An open globe valve should operate with the least amount of pressure loss possible. At the same time, the mechanism to open and close the valve and the manufacturing process impose constraints on the design. In this project a fluid flow analysis was used to minimize the pressure loss through a globe valve in its design phase.

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Validation Case

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Industry-proven accuracy:
Validation of a Butterfly Valve Simulation

This validation case is a comparison between a simulation performed with SimScale and the related physical experiment. The focus of the analysis was to prove the adequacy and accuracy of SimScale for the development of valves and related products.

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Why Simulation with SimScale?

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Save time

Using physical testing can be time-consuming – a long initial design phase, prototype manufacturing and testing can take weeks. Simulation allows you to virtually test designs early and fast – sometimes making a 3 months process possible in 1 day. This can substantially speed up the development process and allows you to stay ahead of your competitors by being able to handle a larger number of customized orders.

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Reduce cost

Manufacturing multiple prototypes when testing new designs can be very expensive and risky. Simulation allows you to run your first tests virtually, which is significantly more cost-efficient. In addition, SimScale frees you up from the large upfront investment of traditional simulation software by scaling to your needs so you can start risk-free with simulation.

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Optimize your products

Simulation can help to dramatically improve the design process for small and medium-sized valves manufacturers. Allowing you to choose from Structural Mechanics (FEM), Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Thermodynamics and Acoustics, the SimScale platform provides a wide range of simulation capabilities for valves.

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