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Multiphase Flow Simulation

SimScale offers robust Multiphase simulation capabilities that leverage our cloud-native platform to simplify the simulation workflow and reduce simulation turnaround time.

Multiphase flow is common in many industrial applications like process engineering, oil & gas equipment, turbomachinery & industrial equipment, marine, and hydraulic engineering. Multiphase flow simulations are inherently complex and time-consuming. Accuracy and fast turnaround time are crucial for evaluating design performance. 

Predict performance curves for two-phase flows

Predicting performance curves for two-phase flows requires transient simulations and a cloud-native multiphase solver allows fast parameterization of operation conditions to obtain performance curves in minutes. This is relevant for pumps, valves, piping systems, industrial equipment, etc.

two-phase flows performance curves
simulation visualization of cavitation in hydro turbine

Cavitation effects in pumps and hydro turbines

SimScale’s cavitation model can robustly model the effect of vapor bubbles in incompressible liquid flow (e.g., pumps, hydro turbines, marine propellers, etc.)

Flow analysis and hydraulic efficiency computations

Quickly and accurately compute flow analysis and hydraulic efficiency for different types of industrial equipment, hydrofoils, etc.

cad model of hydrofoil
multiphase flow simulation

Free surface flow simulations to predict exact flow patterns, volumetric flow rates & exit velocities, and structural loading due to fluid flow

Fully understanding the free surface behavior of flow and consequent structural loading and discharge characteristics is cruicial to developing better designs that can withstand a range of operating conditions.

Static ship/boat hull resistance studies to evaluate the hydrodynamic performance of the ship

Carry out resistance studies to evaluate hydrodynamic performance experienced by the structure.

boat hull resistance visualization
hydrofoil simulation

Fluid flow analysis and efficiency calculations for hydrofoils

Quickly draw key insights from hydrofoil behavior under a variety of fluid flow conditions, optimize designs, and maximize the overall performance.


  • Fast solution turnaround with transient results in 2 – 4 hours
  • Robust convergence for real material properties with minimal babysitting required
  • Comprehensive physics including heat transfer, surface tension, and wall contact angles (coming soon)
  • Accurate correlation with test data over a wide range of operating conditions
  • Intuitive simulation workflow with semi-automated meshing including micron-size gaps and rotating parts

SimScale is the only platform that makes simulation truly accessible, realizing the above benefits without the hassles of traditional simulation software.

simulation visualization of a turbine
Valve CFD

Start simulating multiphase flow right in your browser