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CAE for Healthcare Industry

crash helmets skull impact analysis fea simulation

CFD, FEA and Thermal Simulation Software for Healthcare Industry

Healthcare and biomechanics products are especially challenging, because they must be designed according to the highest safety standards and at the same time be able to get to market quickly in order to help the largest number of patients. Product failure might not only cause a health disaster for a patient, but could also result in a financial disaster for the manufacturing company in the form of a lawsuit.The SimScale platform allows companies to reduce the time-to-market by using a “virtual patient” approach in order to simulate and test potential healthcare products. Companies can choose those alternatives that have the highest probability to pass regulatory hurdles and which are the most innovative, profitable, and safest healthcare solutions. Worst case scenarios, which were impossible to test on real patients, can now safely be tested in a virtual environment.

laser teeth whitening thermal analysis simulation
Femur bone stress analysis fea simulation
Hand Aerodynamics CFD Simulation
crash helmets skull impact analysis fea simulation
Hip Replacement Stress Analysis FEA Simulation
fea simulation for healthcare industry
heart simulation
Water Purification Process CFD Simulation

SimScale enables companies operating in healthcare and biomechanics to simulate:

  • Prosthetics and Orthotics
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Surgical instruments
  • Ophthalmic instruments
  • Diagnostic tools and monitoring systems
  • Medical mobility devices such as wheelchairs and stretchers
  • Medical furniture such as hospital beds
  • Hospital building structures

Better product development with simulation.

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simulation for healthcare industry

Case Study

Stress Analysis of a Hip Joint Prosthesis

Hip joint prosthesis are being used to replace damaged joints, allowing more than 180,000 people each year to regain their mobility and therefore improve their life quality. In this project, a static stress analysis of a hip joint prosthesis constructed of titanium and steel was performed. Remote forces were applied in different directions while keeping the bottom titanium section fixed.

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