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One of the major advantages of a web-based simulation platform is the ability for project sharing and live collaboration. Close team collaboration and the sharing of results and insights is important to realize the value simulation brings to the engineering design process. Currently SimScale offers different options to share projects with other users, within or outside an organisation, and also with the SimScale Support team. Find out more below.

Project Sharing

The Share functionality can be accessed from the project overview page:

share project from public project page
A project can be shared from the individual project page (1).

Or directly from within the workbench:

share dialog inside the SimScale workbench
Additionally you can share a project directly from within the workbench (1).

In the share dialog you can either provide a user’s email address or the SimScale username (2) to share the project with a specific user. When sharing a project, the user granted with access permissions will receive an email from SimScale with a link to the project.

Sharing Permissions

While sharing the project you can also control the level of access permissions (3) as follows:

  • Can view: Allows a user to open and view the project, including all its settings and results. Copying the project or making changes to the project are not possible.
  • Can copy: Everything included in the “Can view” permission. In addition, a user can create a copy of the project. (Default)
  • Can edit: Everything included in the “Can copy” permission. In addition, making changes to the shared instance of the project is supported. Find out more.

Please note that whenever the recipient creates a copy of your project, the copy will be a snapshot of your project at the time of copying and won’t see any changes of the project that have been saved afterwards. The end user can make subsequent copies for any new changes to be reflected in the original project.

Share project with support

In case you need help with your project from the SimScale support team you can ask for support via the integrated chat. Your SimScale support engineer might ask you to share your project with them, which you can do by ticking the Share with support (4, above) option in the share dialog or by ticking the same option in the bottom of the chat window (see (1) below).

share project via in-workbench chat
Share project with support from the chat.

When sharing your project with support, “Can edit” permissions will be granted, which allows the SimScale support team to edit and copy your project. Any copy of your project created by SimScale will always be kept private.

Last updated: October 12th, 2020

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