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Elevate performance with turbomachinery simulations

SimScale enables engineers and designers to design, analyze, and optimize multiple aspects of turbomachinery machines with fast and accurate simulations.

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SimScale provides high-fidelity engineering simulation tools for propeller, fan, compressor, pump, and turbomachinery applications that are both technically and economically accessible for designers and engineers, at any scale, in the cloud.

Our innovative cloud-native simulation platform lets you explore, test, validate, and optimize your product ideas and designs through the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), heat transfer, and structural dynamics analysis. The advanced physics solvers allow designers and engineers to study & optimize pressure drop and force behavior, evaluate fluid flow patterns, and minimize (or even leverage) cavitation effects.  

By deploying simulation early in the product design process turbomachinery & pump engineers can ensure that they meet and in most cases exceed their design validation requirements. Simulation provides detailed insights into performance characteristics, allowing engineers to identify design strengths and weaknesses in a virtual prototype, avoiding costly physical testing & prototype rework.

Furthermore, the resultant time & cost savings from simulating early and often allows engineers to explore more of their ideas, sparking innovation which often leads to IP and a competitive edge.

Better product development with simulation.

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Features and Benefits 

Pump design performance curves of various design iterations generated by Simscale CFD simulation

Cloud-Native Parameterization

Enables rapid design iterations and automated performance curve generation (pump curves & fan curves).

Solver Speed & Accuracy

SimScale meets and in many cases exceeds the accuracy and speed of traditional CAE simulation tools. Note that speed does not compromise accuracy! Test models have achieved 2-3% accuracy within 15 minutes. 

  • Advanced analysis capabilities include cavitation and multiphase flow along with robust meshing are up to 20x faster than competing tools.
  • Rapid transient simulations: Transient analysis is a must-have for turbomachinery simulations due to the inherent unsteadiness of flow around rotating components. SimScale provides time-accurate modeling of rotor blades, by generating a sliding mesh for the rotating component. The speed of transient analysis and other physics modules like cavitation is 10x traditional simulation tools.
CFD simulation results showing flow streamlines in/around the fan of an electric motor assembly
Detail of Simscales UI showing intuitive, easy to use menus and navigation. RHS of image show results of aCFD simulation of a turbine impeller.


Turbomachinery simulations and workflows are usually complex —SimScale takes away the complexity and replaces it with an intuitive, automated, and robust UI which reduces person-hours required for simulation and also makes it accessible to non-experts/designers.

  • Automation of moving mesh interfaces, rotating region creation, workflow parity between different solvers, etc.
  • Automated and robust mismatched mesh/grid interface (MGI)
  • Automation of rotating region and intelligent simulation control

API Integration & Automation

Changing geometry and simulating new designs quickly and seamlessly is generally a big ask from turbomachinery & pump engineers. CAD Associativity makes it easy for users to quickly simulate different design iterations imported from their CAD system. This feature allows geometry to be swapped retaining load and boundary condition assignments and is available for OnShape and Solidworks. Additionally, the SimScale API facilitates bi-directional coupling with many popular CAE  design optimization tools, including ESTECO modeFRONTIER & VOLTA.

Example of Simscale CAD associativity with OnShape - Showing one of several centrifugal compressor design iterations.
Multiphysics simulation of a drone UAV, showing CFD airflow streamlines around propellers and the resultant structural stress on the body and arms of the drone.

Multiphysics/Multi-Disciplinary Analysis

Fluid dynamics, thermal, and structural physics simulation are all on the same platform, enabling turbomachinery engineers to investigate rotordynamics, mechanical stress, deformation, and heat transfer in addition to fluid dynamics.


Turbomachinery, Propellers and Pumps

Download our datasheet and learn how engineers and designers can use SimScale for pumps, fans, blowers, turbines, propellers, and other turbomachinery applications.

turbomachinery data sheet

Customer Success

Hazleton Pumps Accelerated Turn-Around Time by a Factor of 100

Hazleton Pumps used SimScale to obtain fast and accurate fluid flow and performance assessments for their pump designs. They realized 100% time savings and $10K reduction of HPC costs.

hazleton 100% time savings $10k saved

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