SimScale Features & Benefits

Accessible and cost-efficient simulation software for everyone.

From your web browser, instantly access a full-fledged HPC-powered simulation platform on your PC. Access up to 96-core machines, plenty of simulation features, and learning resources to become part of an international community of more than 400K engineers!

Benefits of SimScale

All-in-one simulation platform across CFD, FEA, and Thermal Analysis

Whether you’re evaluating airflow around a building or testing stress and strain of materials, we’ve got you covered!

No manual updates, installation or maintenance

With a cloud-based platform accessible through your web browser, every time you refresh the page you have the most updated version.

World-class security

Just like online-banking, all data transferred within SimScale is protected with industry-standard encryption technology.

SimScale Platform Features

Easily evaluate, optimize, and validate your designs using cloud-based simulation software.