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    Live Collaboration With ‘Can Edit’ Permission

    Any user with ‘Can edit‘ access permissions to a project has the ability to collaboratively make changes to the simulation setup, upload CAD models, and start meshing and simulation runs, as well as create post-processing views.

    Feature Access

    Granting “Can edit” permissions manually is a PRO feature and is reserved for users holding either a Team or Enterprise license. The collaborator (the user who is given the edit permission) will receive an email stating that a project has been shared by the respective owner.

    When sharing a project with support, independent of your license type, SimScale’s support team will always receive ‘Can edit‘ access permission for a shared project.

    To share a project with a collaborator or SimScale follow this animation:

    Animation 1: Share your project from within the SimScale Workbench.

    Transferring Edit Mode

    Granting ‘Can edit‘ permission for a project to another user gives that user the ability to edit the project without having to make a copy of it first. In case multiple users with ‘Can edit‘ permissions for a given project open it at the same time, only one user will be able to make changes to the project at a time. All other users will be able to investigate the project in view-only mode.

    A list of all users that are currently viewing/editing the project is displayed in the header panel of the workbench.

    SimScale workbench header panel containing a list of active users
    Figure 1: List of currently active users is displayed in the workbench header panel. Both the current editor (pencil icon, left), as well as the project owner (user icon, right), are indicated with an additional icon.

    The currently editing user is always displayed on the left of the viewers’ list and is indicated with a pencil icon. All other users will be in view-only mode.

    Any user who holds ‘Can edit‘ permission for a project will automatically enter Edit Mode for the project if no other collaborator or the project owner are currently active in the project.

    Activating Edit Mode as Project Owner

    In case you are the project owner and are entering your project while another collaborator is currently editing it, you are able to take over edit control for your project at any time via the Activate Edit Mode button next to the users list.

    activate edit mode option for the owner
    Figure 2: The project owner can take over edit mode from the currently active editor via the Activate Edit Mode button at any time.

    The currently active editor will automatically be transitioned into view-only mode. Any collaborator in view-only mode can request to take over edit mode for the project.

    Requesting Edit Mode as Collaborator

    If you’re holding ‘Can edit‘ permission for a project, but are not the project owner and another user (owner or collaborator) is currently editing the project, you are not able to directly take over edit mode, but will enter the project in view-only mode. However, you can request to take over edit mode for the project from the current editor.

    In case you request to take over, the current editor will be prompted with a message stating your request to take over and can decide to either accept or deny it.

    SimScale workbench header panel when project collaborator requests to take over edit access.
    Figure 3: Left: A project collaborator can request edit access for a project from the current editor. Right: The current project editor can either accept or deny the request for takeover.

    When switching from view-only into edit mode or vice-versa, the workbench will reload in order to fetch the latest project state.

    In case the current editor leaves the project and there are other collaborators currently active, edit mode will automatically be transferred to the next collaborator in line, with the project owner taking preference.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The sharing level is disabled in the sharing form. How can I grant edit permissions to one of my colleagues?

    Sharing a project with “Can edit” permissions is a PRO feature and reserved for users holding either a Team or Enterprise license. Please check SimScale’s plans & pricing page or contact us for more information on how to get access.

    Can a project collaborator delete my project?

    No, there is a limit to what a project collaborator can do with your project. In case you grant ‘Can edit‘ permission for one of your projects to another user, they will be able to make any changes to your project except for:

    • Changing the project title or description
    • Changing the public/private status
    • Deleting the project
    • Changing project tags or the project category
    • Changing current project access permissions or granting additional access permissions

    However, collaborators are able to:

    • Manipulate all project settings available from within the workbench
    • Upload & delete CAD models
    • Create & delete simulations
    • Create & delete meshes
    • Start & delete simulation and meshing runs

    When starting a simulation or meshing job as a project collaborator, who’s core hours will be consumed?

    Any computation that is started in any project will always consume core hours from the account that initialized the computation.

    As project owner, am I able to withdraw edit permissions from a collaborator?

    Yes, like any other sharing level, the ‘Can edit‘ access permission can be withdrawn from any user at any time. Besides withdrawing access completely, the project owner can take over edit mode for the project at any time.

    When in view-only mode, why can’t I see any changes being made to the project?

    At this point, project settings are not automatically updated. In order to see the latest state of the project, a page refresh is required. Live updates for the simulation setup is currently actively considered. Check the SimScale product roadmap for the latest feature status.

    Last updated: February 2nd, 2023

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