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    Custom Boundary Condition

    The custom boundary condition gives users the freedom to define a customized boundary condition that fulfills the requirements for a particular problem. This is only recommended for advanced users if there is a need to implement a boundary condition outside of the standard boundary options.

    custom boundary condition in simscale
    Figure 1: Custom Boundary Condition

    For the custom boundary condition, the user must specify first the types and then the values of all the flow variables for a particular face/surface. All basic and advanced boundary condition types based on the OPENFOAM® code are available for the relevant flow variables.


    Care must be taken by the user to make sure that the model is not over or under defined and that the selections are not contradicting and are logically correct in terms of the boundary conditions. In any case, no guarantees for stability, convergence, or validity are provided in this case

    Based on the selected analysis type, the custom boundary must be defined according to the available flow variable boundary types that are further detailed below:

    Last updated: September 2nd, 2022