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Topological Entity Sets

A geometrical domain can be described depending on its highest dimension by volumes (3D-entities), faces (2D-entities), edges (1D-entities), and nodes (0D-entities). You can use those entities in the simulation design in order to assign materials, apply boundary conditions, etc. Often, it is convenient to group some of these entities and access them as a whole later in the simulation setup e.g. for a boundary condition assignment on all the inlet faces at once. Such a group is called a topological entity set.

In order to create a topological entity set,

  1. Select the entities to be grouped by clicking on them (highlighted in red),
  2. Click on the ‘+’ icon next to TOPOLOGICAL ENTITY SETS in the scene tree,
  3. Give a convenient name to the set under the Create new set panel,
  4. Click on ‘Create new set’.
create topological entity sets
Animation 1: Creating a topological entity set in SimScale. You can select any number of faces and create multiple sets as desired.

The new set created will appear in the scene tree under TOPOLOGICAL ENTITY SETS. You may now access this set while specifying the simulation setup.

To hide the set click on the eye icon if necessary. To delete the set click on the circular icon (as shown below) and delete it.

delete and hide topological entity sets
Figure 2: Click on the circular icon to delete a set or the eye icon next to it to hide the set.

You can select as many faces for a set and also create multiple number of sets as needed.


Mesh upload is mandatory if Edge selection or Node selection needs to be used.

Readers interested in understanding the CAD topology in more detail can visit this simwiki article.

Try your hand at creating topological entity sets by following our tutorials:

Last updated: May 25th, 2021

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