Mesh Upload

Currently SimScale supports three formats for mesh uploads:

  • I-DEAS unv (*.unv)
  • MED (version 3.0)
  • OPENFOAM® native mesh format (ASCII only)

In order to be able to use uploaded meshes successfully within SimScale, the boundaries of your meshes need to be specified. All elements (i.e. nodes, edges, faces or volumes) on which you want to apply boundary conditions or assign a material must be grouped before upload.

UNV/MED Mesh upload

Simply select a *.unv file and upload it. You may also pack it either as *.tar.gz file or a *.zip archive. In order to assign boundary conditions you need to create groups of either nodes, edges or faces. If you want to perform a CFD simulation you will only need face groups (also known as “patches” in OPENFOAM®).

OPENFOAM® Mesh upload

To upload an OPENFOAM® mesh simply pack the folder constant of the OPENFOAM® case folder and upload it. The constant folder has to contain the polyMesh folder where the actual mesh files are located. Pack the constant folder either as *.tar.gz file or a *.zip archive before uploading. All mesh patches of your polyMesh/boundaries file will be pickable such that boundary conditions can be assigned.


OPENFOAM®’s binary format is not yet supported. Please make sure the mesh is in ASCII format. To make sure the mesh is written in ASCII, please open the file system/controlDict and change the entry writeFormat binary; to writeFormat ascii;


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