Field CalculationΒΆ

Most of the simulation types allow to compute additional data which is derived from the solution fields. This additional data is usually added as plot data to the results and can be accessed in the post-processor. These field calculations are generally grouped by the topological entity that can be assigned to them.

For Code_Aster simulations the following field calculations are possible:

  • Edge calculation
  • Area calculation
  • Volume calculation

For each field calculation the user has to specify the type, the field and possibly the field components that should be taken into account.

Three different field calculation types are available:

  • minimum and maximum: this field calculation generates a plot with the minimum and maximum values that appear on the assigned topological entities for any of the specified components. For each time step (or frequency for a harmonic analysis) and each field component a point with the minimum and maximum value is added to the plot.
  • average: this field calculation computes the arithmetic mean of all nodal values of the specified field on the assigned topological entities.
  • sum: this field calculation computes the sum of all nodal values of the assigned entities for each specified field component.
Nonlinear displacement Curve PP view
Nonlinear displacement Curve Plot

An example of the calculation of the minimum and maximum displacement at the free beam end at a nonlinear plastic calculation