Formulas are one possibility besides tables, that allow to specify a variable or parameter depending on other variables. The formula is defined by first activating the formula input and then directly typing in the desired formula. The available independent parameters are displayed as buttons right above the formula in put. By clicking on them, the corresponding symbol is appended to the formula.

Figure below shows a sample definition for a “Solid Mechanics” case:

Formula definition

Formula definition for the z-displacement of a fixed value constraint

In case of “Fluid Dynamics”, an example case for ‘velocity boundary condition’ with function definition is shown in the figure below:

  • In the sample funtion, the Y-component of velocity at the inlet increases with the parameter ‘Time’.

Function definition for the Y-component of Velocity

Below is a list of the available “Functions” and “Operators” for a formula:

Currently supported operators:

  • +, -, *, /, ^, <, >, =, <=, >=, %

Currently supported functions:

  • abs(), acos(), asin(), atan(), atan2(), ceil(), cos(), cosh(), exp(), expm1(), floor(), log(), pow(), sin(), sinh(), sqrt(), tan(), tanh()

Currently supported constants:

  • pi, e