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What Is a Flow Volume?

We already have some content explaining the workflow of a CFD Simulation, how to extract a flow volume to define enclosure, and what a seed face is. This article focuses on what a flow volume is.

For flow simulations we need to capture the fluid volume from the solid assembly. Depending on what you want to analyze you might need to simulate a flow inside your geometry, like pumps or heat exchangers, or the outside of your geometry, like the aerodynamic behavior of a car, or around a building.

Internal Flows

The flow volume is the region where you have a liquid or gas. The image below shows the flow volume that we extracted from the pipe also referred to as the ‘open inner region‘.

Internal flow volume

External Flows

To simulate the flow around a vehicle, you need to create a volume around your geometry. This flow volume is our virtual wind tunnel.

External flow volume

Last updated: October 23rd, 2020

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