Geometry Primitives

Usage of Geometry Primitives


In snappyHexMesh, geometry primitives are used to define region refinements. Refer to Hex-dominant parametric: Mesh around a vehicle for an example.

Result Control

Geometry Primitive types


It is possible to define a box setting the coordinates of its center (Translation in x, y and z), the dimensions as a scale factor and the orientation with respect to the main reference system (x,y,z).

Cartesian Box

Cartesian boxes are available in several locations at SimScale. Their axes are aligned (parallel) with the global coordinate system. Most notably, they are used – to define mesh refinements in snappyHexMesh and – to define subdomains in multiphase simulations.

Half Space


Spheres are available for mesh refinements in snappyHexMesh.


Points are used in Point Data result controls to define the probe point location.


Cylinders are available for mesh refinements in snappyHexMesh.

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