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  • Volume Heat Flux

    The volume heat flux boundary condition acts like a volumetric heat source. This type of boundary condition is used for analysis types involving heat transfer. The figure below shows the necessary input parameters:

    volume heat flux boundary condition
    Figure 1: Volume heat flux boundary condition set up.

    Users should define the volumetric Heatflux value, in units of \([W/m³]\) or \([\frac {Btu}{^3}]\). The resulting heat flux will depend on the volume of the assignment.

    Besides a fixed value, it is also possible to use tables and formulas to input the heat flux.


    The Volume heat flux boundary condition can be used to define the heat-generating components. In transient analysis, you can define heat generation as time-dependent with the help of tables. Read more about it in the following knowledge base article


    The heat flux can be positive or negative. For a positive input, heat goes into the domain.
    For a negative value, heat is removed from the volume.

    Other Types of Heat Flux

    In addition to volume heat flux, Simscale also offers surface heat flux and convective heat flux boundary conditions.

    Last updated: August 12th, 2022