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    Error: Result Control Assigned to Non-Assignable Face


    Found a result control with faces that do not belong to the mesh. This may happen if the faces belong to a cell zone. Please remove these faces from the result control.

    What Happened?

    A result control item was assigned to a non-assignable face, that is, a face cannot be used for this purpose.

    What Could Be the Possible Reason?

    Result control items can only be assigned to faces that define boundaries in the mesh. In other words, faces where boundary conditions are (or can be) applied. This means that internal faces used to define cell zones (e.g., MRF rotating zone, porous media, or momentum source), can not be used for this purpose, because they do not create mesh boundaries.

    What Can I Do Now?

    You must remove the non-assignable face from the result control item assignment:

    1. Identify the cell zones created in your model, under Mesh > Cell Zones.
    2. Note the faces used to create the cell zones.
    3. Review your Result control items, to find which one of them is assigned to faces from cell zones.
    4. Remove the assignments from the invalid faces.
    example cell zone definition for error non-assignable face
    Figure 1: Example cell zone for MRF rotating region in a drone propeller simulation. Such a face cannot be assigned under Result control in SimScale Workbench.

    From the example shown in Figure 1, the blue cylinder is used to define a cell zone around the propeller. This cell zone is used to define the rotation of the propeller faces with a MRF model. In this case, all the faces of the blue cylinder are non-assignable to the result control items (nor boundary conditions), because those faces do not constitute mesh boundaries.

    Important Information

    If none of the above suggestions did solve your problem, then please post the issue on our forum or contact us.


    Last updated: January 26th, 2021