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    Error: MRF Interface Was Assigned Boundary Condition


    MRF interface surface was assigned boundary condition(s)


    A boundary condition may have been assigned to a bounding face of a cell zone used in advanced concepts. Please check your boundary conditions and make sure that no boundary conditions are defined on the bounding faces of cell zones.

    What Happened?

    The surface(s) of a rotating zone for an MRF or AMI simulation was assigned a boundary condition which is considered as an error.

    What Could Be the Possible Reason?

    The possible reasons for this error are:

    • The interface surface was mistakenly added to a boundary condition.
    • The interface surface was not hidden before selecting and assigning ‘Faces’ to the boundary conditions.

    What Can I Do Now?

    To resolve this error you will need to review your simulation setup and make sure that none of the faces in your rotating zone is assigned any boundary conditions. You can do this by going to the Boundary conditions section in your simulation tree.

    For example, consider a centrifugal pump simulation having an MRF rotating zone for the impellers. The rotating zone is defined under Advanced concepts specifically.

    mrf rotating zone for centrifugal pump simulation
    Figure 1: MRF rotating zone for impeller region of a centrifugal pump. This zone is defined under Advanced concepts and not Boundary conditions.

    The boundary conditions are required only at the inlet, outlet, and the walls. No boundary conditions are assigned to the rotating zone and should never be.

    example of boundary condition setup for a centrifugal pump simulation to make sure mrf zone is not assigned to any boundary condition
    Figure 2: Centrifugal pump boundary conditions. Make sure that the MRF rotating zone is not assigned to any boundary condition.

    Important Information

    If none of the above suggestions solved your problem, then please post the issue on our forum or contact us.

    Last updated: July 28th, 2021