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  • Empty 2D

    The Empty 2D boundary condition is used in reduced dimension cases. This allows performing a two-dimensional CFD simulation on a three-dimensional model which has been extruded in the direction normal to the flow.

    The Empty 2D boundary condition should be applied on both boundary faces which are normal to the reduced coordinate direction, i.e., the faces coplanar with the flow.


    The settings panel in SimScale looks as follows:

    empty 2d boundary condition window in simscale
    Figure 1: Empty 2D boundary condition set up in SimScale Workbench


    This boundary condition only works for uploaded meshes. Moreover, the uploaded mesh should have a one cell thickness in the reduced coordinate direction.

    As an example, in the figure below, by specifying an empty 2D boundary condition on the two faces highlighted in blue, the y-direction won’t be solved during the simulation.

    empty 2d bc
    Figure 2: External aerodynamics case. By defining an empty 2D condition to the highlighted faces, the direction normal to the assignments is no longer solved.

    Notice that the reduced dimension (y in this case) is only one cell thick signifying a 2 Dimensional mesh in the xy-plane.

    Last updated: August 24th, 2022