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    What Can Be the Reasons for Unrealistic Velocity Values in the Simulation?

    There may be a number of reasons why you may see unrealistic values in your CFD simulations:

    • Unrealistic initial values
    • Incorrect boundary conditions
    • Bad elements in mesh
    • Etc.

    If you are sure about your simulation settings, check the mesh quality.

    Visually check your mesh. Are there any missing regions?

    • If there are, its more than likely due to the element size being higher than the thickness of the particular section of the domain.

    I you see small features and want to ignore them, you can assign the relevant size to ‘small feature suppression’.

    Next, check to see if there are enough elements in gaps?

    • If not, try using our “gap refinement” feature under the general mesh settings

    If the mesh looks OK, check the Meshing Log

    Last updated: April 1st, 2021