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What Does (φ) Flux and T1 stand for?


What is (φ) Flux in passive scalar source settings?

What is T1 in solution fields?

What is (φ) Flux term?

(φ) Flux [1/s] (passive scalar source) and (φ) Flux [1/(m³*s)] (volumetric passive scalar source) are both used to assign the source of specific passive scalar stream.

  • (φ) Flux [1/s]: Concentration per unit time.
  • (φ) Flux [1/(m³-s)]: Flux per unit volume.

Flux is a non-dimensional parameter, which represents the concentration. Because this parameter has no influence on fluid properties, the user can define it as % or ppm (parts per million), or ppb (parts per billion), or any other concentration unit.

What is T1 term?

T1 is a parameter in solution fields, representing the passive scalar concentration inside the domain. The unit of T1 is same as the (φ) Flux term defined in passive scalar sources or the passive scalar value defined in boundarz conditions.

Passive scalar sources can be defined as inlet BC
Using Isovolumes to visualize passive scalar concentration (T1) within a specific range


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Last updated: October 12th, 2020

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