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How to visualize the internal mesh using mesh clip?


This article shows how to use the mesh clip to visualize the internal mesh in SimScale.


Whenever a mesh is completed, by default SimScale viewer displays the external mesh. In order to check the internal mesh size or quality visually, the mesh clip can be used. Lets take an example pipe flow mesh to do this.

Selecting a mesh to generate mesh clip
Mesh selection

To visualize a mesh clip, users can select any successful mesh from the simulation. After selecting the mesh, click on the Mesh clip button as shown in the image above. This will pop up the mesh clip options on the screen.

Mesh Clip Options
Mesh clip options

Here you can select the direction of the cutting plane to clip accordingly. In the example case, the default position is used, which cuts the mesh along Y direction. Once when the cutting plane is positioned as per requirements, click on the Generate Mesh Clip button.


Mesh clip would take from few seconds to minutes depending upon the size of the mesh to be generated. Users can still work around the project until the clip is generated.

Loading status during Mesh Clip generation
Mesh Clip Progress

The loading symbol signifies that the Mesh Clip generation is in progress.

Mesh Clip Visualization
Mesh Clip

More than one clips can be generated for the same mesh, which can be accessed from the Geometry Tree for visualization.

Mesh quality can be also checked using Mesh quality parameters. Find out more about how to check the mesh quality here: How to Check the Mesh Quality Using the Meshing Log


Last updated: March 25th, 2020

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