Number of computing cores

You can adjust the number of computing cores with this paramter. Depending on the chosen value, your calculation is carried out on a different machine. So the available memory depends on your choice as well.

Computation resources
Cores Memory (GB)
1 1.7
2 7.5
4 15
8 30
16 30
32 60.5

Please be aware that for some solvers, e.g. the iterative CCX solvers parallel computation is not enabled.

For the Code_Aster solver an additional property called number of parallel computing cores is available and defines how many of the available computing cores are used for the parallel computation. Its value can be set by the user between 1 and the number of computing cores. In some cases it might be neccessary to set the number of parallel computing cores lower than the maximum:

  • for solvers that are parallelized via MPI, such as PETSC and MUMPS, it may be neccessary to not use the full number of cores in order have a higher memory per core ratio if the computation may run out of memory.