Mesh Generation

Hex-dominant parametric (Snappy Hex Mesh)

This meshing algorithm allows you to create high-quality hex-dominant meshes for arbitrary geometries with optionally refined boundary layers using the “SnappyHexMesh” tool from OpenFAOM.

A detailed documentation of the snappyHexMesh mesh generation tool is provided in three parts to help users with creating a quality mesh.

The first part, Background for Hex-dominant parametric, presents a brief background of the meshing methodology used by the snappyHexMesh algorithm. This part will provide users a general overview of each step of the meshing process and give a brief idea of how the algorithm works.

The second part, Main settings for Hex-dominant parametric, details the main settings that must be set by the user. These settings contribute to the most important part of the meshing process and will dominantly effect the resulting mesh. In general, an average user is expected to input only these settings for a mesh.

The last part, Advanced settings for Hex-dominant parametric, p rovides brief details of the advanced settings. For an average user, it is normally not recommended to change these settings as the default values are selected to be optimal. However, based on the needs and requirements of the mesh these can be adjusted as required.

Additionally, a detailed tutorial Hex-dominant parametric: Wind tunnel around a vehicle, demonstrates how to generate an external flow mesh for the Ahmed body.


Please note that all operations based on snappyHexMesh create polyhedral meshes which means that they can include cells of arbitrary shape. Therefore these meshes can not be used for Finite Element analysis but only for Finite Volume based solvers like OPENFOAM®.

Mesh created with snappyHexMesh

Mesh created with Hex-Dominant parametric (Snappy Hex Mesh)


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