CAD Upload

Uploading a CAD file is possible in the Workspace, the Mesh Creator and the Simulation Designer by clicking on the button Upload new geometry. Please indicate the format of the geometry you want to upload and then pick the specific file. The current version of SimScale supports the formats

  • STEP (*.STEP / *.step / *.stp / *.STP)
  • IGES (*.IGES / *.iges / *.IGS / *.igs)
  • BREP (*.BREP / *.brep)
  • STL (*.stl)

The uploaded file’s extension will be compared to the supported formats, so please make sure your file has the correct format and extension. After uploading the geometry you can display it in the 3D preprocessing viewer. In case round parts of your geometry appear to have corners, don’t mind: We automatically simplify your geometry for displaying purposes to make sure that you can fluently interact with the model. Internally, especially for the meshing process, SimScale uses your fully features geometry.