Elastoplastic Notched Plate


The aim of this test case is to validate the following functions:

  • Plastic material behaviour
  • Reduced integration element type

The simulation results of SimScale were compared to the results presented in [SSNP123]. The mesh used in (A) and (C) was created with the automatic-tetrahedralization-tool on the SimScale platform. The mesh used in (B) und (D) was created locally.

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Geometry of the plate

  A B C D E F
x [m] 0 0.004 0.005 0.005 0 0
y [m] 0 0 0.001 0.005 0.005 0.001

The corresponding nodes marked with a dash (‘) are translated 0.0001 m along the negative z-direction.

Analysis type and Domain

Tool Type : Code_Aster

Analysis Type : Static Anaylsis

Mesh and Element types :

Case Mesh type Number of nodes Element type
(A) quadratic tetrahedral 35503 3D isoparametric
(B) quadratic hexahedral 5508 3D isoparametric
(C) quadratic tetrahedral 35503 3D under integrated
(D) quadratic hexahedral 5508 3D under integrated

Mesh used for the SimScale case (A)


Mesh used for the SimScale case (B)

Simulation Setup


  • isotropic: E = 200 GPa, \(\nu\) = 0.3, \(\sigma_y\) = 200 MPa, ET = 1000 MPa

Dependency of the Young’s modulus


  • Face AA’EE’: zero x-displacement
  • Face AA’BB’: zero y-displacement
  • z-displacement is fixed for all nodes
  • Face DD’EE’: displacement of 0.0001 m in y-direction


Comparison of the cauchy stress \(\sigma_{yy}\) along path FC. The values of the reference [SSNP123] in all figures were extracted with WebPlotDigitizer.


Comparison of the cauchy stress along path FC