Write ControlΒΆ

The Write control definition option under Simulation control gives you control over how fine granular your simulation results shall be available. This is only relevant for quasi-static or dynamic analysis types. The idea is that you specify how many time steps (real or quasi-static) shall be written to the hard disk and therefore be available for post-processing.

There are different options how to specify this:

  • initial time steps: only the initially user defined time steps are saved in the result file, all automatically calculated intermediate steps are not stored.
  • all computed time steps: all time steps are saved, also the ones that were created by the automatic time stepping.
  • write interval: time steps are stored with a given frequency. If the write interval is set for example to 5, then every 5th calculated timestep is stored, independetly if it is a pre-defined user time step or an intermediate one that was added during automatic time stepping.