Table usage for Vector: VelocityΒΆ

  • For ‘Vector’ variable, e.g velocity, the table upload requires a CSV file with all 3 velocity component values in the order X, Y and Z.
  • The below example shows a “velocity boundary condition with the y-component value being ramped over the simulation time” till a time value of 500 (taking a steady state analysis time).

The sample CSV file is shown by the figure below:


Fig. 1 Sample CSV file for ramping y-component of the velocity.

  • Here it is important to note that: as the velocity variable values (highlighted in red) start at “Column 2” (as shown in figure above), the settings of “Column Index of the value” (underlined in red, see figure below) requires only a ‘single’ column number entry ( Not Three, for each component), from which the velocity variable values start in the CSV file i.e column number “2”.

Fig. 2 Velocity boundary condition settings for table upload.


In the CSV file shown in Fig. 1, the y-component of velocity is Ramped “Linearly” from 1 m/s to 10 m/s over simulation time 0 to 500 sec. After Time = 500, the value of 10 m/s remains constant based on the selected ‘Clamp’ option.