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    When Do I Need a Nonlinear Static Analysis?

    SimScale provides the capabilities to consider nonlinear behaviour in your structural analysis. But when is nonlinear analysis necessary? This article answers this very question.


    A nonlinear static analysis is required for any static application in which the stiffness of the entire structure changes during the loading scenario. The simulation must be solved incrementally to account for the stiffness changes.

    There are three situations in which the stiffness of a structure changes,

    1. The deformation of the structure is so large that equilibrium must be considered at the deformed position rather than the original position.
    2. The material’s mechanical properties change during loading, in other words the internal stress does not remain directly proportional to the internal strain caused by the external load. This is the case for materials that display plastic or hyper-elastic behaviour.
    3. Changes in physical contacts allow stress transfer between structural components.

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    Last updated: March 28th, 2021