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    Error: Incorrect Patch Definition for Cyclic/Periodic Boundaries


    Solver error: Incorrect definition of patch type for cyclic/periodic boundaries.

    What happened?

    Cyclic or periodic boundaries were used, whose definition in the mesh was incorrect or incomplete.

    What could be the possible reason?

    1. Non-translational periodicity was specified on a mesh that was created on the SimScale platform – the meshing algorithms on SimScale currently only support translational periodic boundary conditions.
    2. An uploaded mesh was used, in which the cyclic behaviour of the corresponding patches has not been properly defined.

    What can I do now?

    SimScale currently only allows generation of meshes that support boundaries with translational periodicity, i.e. the periodic faces have the same shape, are parallel to one another and are offset by a vector. For other modes of periodicity, please make sure that you use an uploaded mesh with the right patch specifications.

    For information on how to upload a mesh to SimScale, please follow this link.

    Important Information

    If none of the above suggestions did solve your problem, then please post the issue on our forum or contact us.


    Last updated: June 14th, 2021