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    How to Download a Geometry from SimScale?

    This article shows how to download geometries from a SimScale project.

    Geometry Download

    Users can download data from their private projects, as well as public and shared projects. To download a geometry, navigate to the geometry of interest in the left-hand side panel, and click on the download button:

    downloading a geometry from the simscale workbench
    Figure 1: Steps to download an original geometry file from the SimScale Workbench

    Please note that only the originally uploaded geometry can be downloaded from SimScale. Therefore, even if the user modifies their geometry in the CAD mode environment and downloads the new version, they will still receive the original CAD model.

    For insights on how to upload a CAD model and other basic CAD preparation requirements, click here.

    Did you know?

    Besides geometries, you can also download the results of your SimScale simulations. This allows you to have a local copy of the results, and also evaluate the data in third-party post-processing software, such as ParaView.

    To learn more about this workflow, please visit this documentation page.

    Last updated: July 20th, 2021