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Can I Continue an Existing Simulation Run in SimScale?

In some analysis types, it is possible to continue an existing simulation run. This feature is called ‘Continue the run‘ and it is useful when your existing simulation has not converged or if you want to extend the simulation run without changing the simulation settings. This feature is active for steady state simulations.

Below is the list of all the analysis types which support the Continue the run feature:

analysis types which supports continue the run feature
Figure 1: The analysis types, which supports the “Continue the run” feature

To be able to continue an existing steady state run, first click on the Run and click on the ‘>>’ icon referred to as ‘Continue the run icon’ beside the post-processing results button:

steps to show how to extend an existing simulation run
Figure 2: Steps to continue an existing run

Next, define the End time and/or Maximum runtime. In a steady state simulation, end time stands for the number of iterations, while maximum runtime is the maximum allowed physical time for the extended run.

settings on how to continue an existing run which includes the extended run time and the maximum run time
Figure 3: Steps to specify end time and the maximum run time for the simulation
  • If the simulation ended before reaching the original end time, it is possibly because the assigned maximum run time was not enough. In this case, just increase the Maximum runtime.
  • If the simulation has reached the defined end time and you would like to perform additional iterations, then increase the End time. In addition, you will need to check the duration of the simulation job for the existing number of iterations. This will give you an idea regarding the suitable run time for the job. Finally, increase the Maximum runtime if necessary.

Keep in mind!

To be able to use the “Continue the run” feature later on, do not stop the existing run attempt until it performs a few iterations. You won’t see the ‘continue the run’ feature, in case one of the following scenarios are present:

  • If you had run the simulation, however, stopped it before it actually performed any iterations
  • If you had used ‘continue the run’ feature already, however, stopped it before it actually performed any iterations


If none of the above suggestions solved your problem, then please post the issue on our forum or contact us.

Last updated: April 28th, 2021

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