Centrifugal Force

These boundary conditions are used to apply the forces that act on a structure when it rotates around a fixed axis. The axis itself has to be fixed, but the rotational speed is allowed to vary with time (or frequency for a harmonic analysis). The user has to specify a volume on which the force acts as well as the rotational speed (in radians per second) and the axis of rotation.

Rotational speed

The rotational speed can be either constant, or time-dependent (or frequency-dependent respectively). The variable speed has to be given by a function or a table.

Rotational axis

The rotational axis is defined by its direction and a point on the axis.

Point on-axis

The user has to define an arbitrary point on the axis of rotation in the global coordinate system of the mesh.

Axis direction

The direction of the rotational axis is defined by three-directional values in the global coordinate system. This direction vector doesn’t need to have unit length.


impeler rotation 100 000 rpm

Deformation of a turbo charger impeller at 100 000 rpm


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