New Integrated Post-Processing Environment

The new post-processor integrated into SimScale is compatible with all your new projects and simulations that you create. In case of all the current/old projects, note that it is supported with fluid simulations and structural analyses performed using Code_Aster solver.

There are 3 main toolbars in the post-processor. You can find more information about these and regarding the navigation options in the following video. You can also switch to full screen mode by right-click selecting the option.

Changing the visibility of individual parts and the selecting the fields which are to be displayed are some primary objectives. More information on finding these options can be found here

We have additional post-processing filters in order to visualize and extract specific results.

Cutting planes

This filter enables to add a cross-section plane that can be used for viewing the solution fields across the plane. It is possible to dynamically move this plane and extract data wherever required.


Isosurface filter generates a contour with the defined conditions. For instance, specifying a temperature of 30°C a contour can be generated inside the solution field which is exactly at the defined temperature.


Threshold of results within particular ranges can be obtained using the Isovolumes filter.


This filter allows to generate animation from the time steps stored in results. Note that depending on number of steps which we want to animate and size of mesh the video memory usage could be high.

Particle Traces

It is possible to generate stream tracer which gives a better understanding of the fluid flow. Various seeds (source for the stream tracer) can be used to create the line pattern.

2D plots

This allows to create 2D plots of any parameter, say displacement or acceleration, with respect to time and plot against each other in a graph.


Please note it is not possible to save screenshots or states in the current version of the post-processor. This will be available shortly.