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    Why Can’t I See My Model in the Workbench?

    Why Can’t I See My Model in the Workbench?

    It is possible that the CAD model upload to the workbench was successful with no error message or a warning but still the user cannot see the model. The reasons for such behavior and their respective solutions have been discussed below:

    Successful Visualization of the CAD model

    Any time you upload a new model, the platform will zoom to fit the model into the workbench. This is so that the user will be able to see their model clearly while setting up their simulation.

    workbench is automatically zoomed into the model so the user can see the model clearly
    Figure 1: Zoomed in workbench view after successful CAD upload

    After the CAD upload, if you cannot see the model on the workbench, check if there are any errors or warning messages.


    The user is strongly advised to refer and learn more about CAD preparation and upload and CAD faults which can be major sources of error. Examples of CAD faults are intersections, presence of shells or sheet bodies, model is not watertight, etc.

    an example of a successful cad upload and a failed upload with error messages
    Figure 2: Difference between successful CAD upload and failed CAD upload

    If the CAD upload was successful, but you cannot see the model on the workbench screen, most likely this is a zoom-to-fit issue. If your model has multiple parts and at least one of them is far away from the others, the automatic zoom-to-fit function will zoom out to be able to capture all the parts. This will result in the parts to look very small in the workbench.

    example of a distant model which makes the model not viewable
    Figure 3: Example of a model with distant parts making it difficult to discern.

    If this is the case, please ensure that the CAD model does not have any unnecessary parts. Once you have cleaned these distant parts, you will be able to see the model on the workbench screen.

    In addition, you can always use the Home button, which is next to the navigation cube, to go back to the zoom-to-fit view.

    location of home button in the bottom left corner of the workbench to revert to zoom to fit view
    Figure 4: Home button in the bottom right corner to revert to zoom-to-fit view


    If none of the above suggestions solved your problem, then please post the issue on our forum or contact us.

    Last updated: April 28th, 2021