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In the pharmaceutical industry, mixing is absolutely necessary to ensure an homogenous, precise, and consistent product. Selecting the correct pharmaceutical equipment for your application depends on what is being mixed. This comes down to the properties of the substance including, among other things, viscosity, particle size, miscibility, texture, and chemical formula. Whether selecting an existing pharmaceutical mixer or designing new kind of blending equipment, it should be tested to ensure it is producing a consistent product while keeping batch times and energy use to a minimum. This is where computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can offer support.
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Typical Pharmaceutical Mixing Applications

Pharmaceutical mixing equipment is required in the production of substances such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals and biopharma
  • Oral suspensions
  • Saline solutions
  • Antacids
  • Cough syrups
  • Bioceuticals
  • Dose coatings
  • Therapeutic creams and lotions

multiphase flow analysis shows mixing equipment performance

How Can Online Simulation with SimScale Benefit Pharmaceutical Mixing Applications?

In such a highly-regulated industry, you need equipment that you can rely on to produce pure, safe, and effective substances. Using CAE capabilities, an engineer can easily assess the performance, efficiency, and effectiveness of a pharmaceutical mixer design. CFD offers clear insights into fluid mixing, flow patterns, and more to help you identify whether your mixing equipment will produce the smooth product you need to adhere to regulations.

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Transient Analysis of A Mixing Tank

In pharmaceutical mixing equipment, the mixing ability needs to be consistent in all areas. In this project, you can see how transient simulation can be used to analyze the flow patterns and effectiveness of a mixing tank. Take a look at the project and results in this SimScale presentation.

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CFD for Pharmaceutical Mixing

When you need to see how well liquids are being stirred to form a homogenous product, CFD can help. Easily assess how your pharmaceutical mixing equipment mixes and transfers your pharmaceutical product. To discover how you can use multiphase flow to evaluate stirring capability, take a look at this project.

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Thermo-Consult optimized a cleanroom using CFD analysis with SimScale

"As a small company specialized in industrial HVAC, it is essential for us to improve our competitiveness through innovative know-how like computational fluid dynamics. SimScale’s competitive pricing model enables us to be involved in this sector. Thanks to our CFD study with SimScale, we were able to create an optimal and very sophisticated HVAC system for an extremely sensitive cutting-edge lab equipment."

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