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Electronics Enclosure Thermal Management

Thermal Simulation of Electronic Enclosures

Product life cycles in electronics are getting shorter, forcing engineers to design high-performing products quicker than ever before. SimScale enables fast and accurate thermal simulations of electronics enclosure designs right from your preferred web browser. Use unique insights from our cloud-based platform into temperature and airflow to design more robust electronics cooling equipment like never before.

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Design Electronics’ Enclosures With Confidence

Thermal simulation results inform enclosure cooling design decisions such as:

  • Fan sizing and placement
  • Heat sink design
  • Heat pipe characterization
  • Component placement
  • and much more

To help ensure all electronics components within the electronics enclosure can operate in safe temperature ranges.

electronics cooling case studies simscale

Electronics Enclosure Cooling: Customer Success Story

The US-based industrial PC company OnLogic used SimScale to run thermal enclosure simulations that matched physical tests with 95% accuracy. The use of SimScale helped to save tens of thousands of dollars in material costs.

“Our overall impression of working with SimScale on our project is two thumbs way up. We’re already using it on new projects, and expect SimScale to be part of all future product developments.”
Erick Kopff, Engineer

Electronics Enclosure Cooling Articles From SimScale

Electronics Enclosure Technical Resources: Tutorial & Validation Case

Validation Case: LED Thermal Management – Chip on Plate (COP)

Advanced Tutorial: Natural Convection of a LED Spotlight

Example Enclosure Cooling Projects

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