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19 industries have adopted SimScale

With its wide feature set, SimScale is being used across many different industries – find out how


SimScale supports HVAC manufacturers worldwide to analyze and optimize the performance of their products. The platform enables fast product improvements that address many aspects such as endurance, reliability, performance, noise reduction, thermal comfort and energy efficiency of the HVAC equipment.

Wind Engineering

Architects and urban planners have a problem designing cities and big urban areas because they don’t know about the wind conditions and their effect on pedestrian comfort. This problem can be solved with SimScale’s CFD and Thermal simulations to predict wind, pollution and thermal distribution in urban areas.

Commercial & Industrial Fans

With energy efficiency regulations in place, it is important for manufacturers to build fans that meet these strict regulations with their products. With SimScale’s CFD simulation software helps effectively reduce the energy consumption and increase the efficiency of fans. Trying to meet regulations virtually reduces ‘time-to-market’.


Before building Cleanrooms it is of absolute importance to know about the behavior of the airstream and temperature distribution in the room. CFD simulations help optimizing the design so best performance and no pollution in the operation process can be guaranteed.

Heat Sinks

Thermal management for electronic devices is of crucial importance since devices get smaller but have more power. To tackle this ‘paradoxon’ designers and engineers need to simulate the thermal conditions the electronics are operating in to make sure they don’t overheat.


From electronic chips and printed circuit boards (PCBs) to smartphones or computers, SimScale is the perfect tool for electronics simulation, enabling companies to ensure power optimization, durability, efficiency or thermal performance for their products.

Automotive & Transportation

The largest automobile manufacturers in the world have adopted CAE as a compulsory step in their product development process. With SimScale, you can simulate automobiles, motorcycles, buses, trains, trucks, helicopters, watercraft, spacecraft, or any other vehicle.


Aerospace companies can design next-generation aircrafts and parts, optimize safety and comfort of commercial planes, improve fuel efficiency and decrease the negative impact on the environment. Everything with the SimScale cloud-based simulation software.

Industrial Equipment

Perfectly suited for simulating all types of machinery and industrial equipment — with mounting, clamping, adjusting, rotating and other elements, SimScale is used for testing in construction, mining, automotive, chemical, steel and metal.


Optimized for a wide range of machines, tools and processes, the SimScale cloud-based simulation platform is being intensively used in manufacturing, for industry-specific applications.


With a complete set of functionalities for valves simulation, SimScale can be used to analyze various types of valves such as gate valves, butterfly valves, ball valves or globe valves.

Plant Engineering

With the possibility to analyze heat generation and heat transfer, mixing, diverting, separation and filtration, SimScale is a key tool for the Plant Engineering industry.

Architecture & Construction

Foresee future circumstances, discover omissions in designs and apply corrections. The SimScale cloud-based simulation platform can be used to test and optimize designs in the construction and architecture industry including buildings, tunnels, roads, railways, canals, dams, flood and bridges.

Consumer Goods

SimScale supports the simulation of consumer products and parts, as diverse as mobile phones, beverage containers, car seats, racing bikes, and many more, with plenty of different simulation types, including solid mechanics, fluid dynamics and thermodynamics.


Enabling energy producers and transportation firms to simulate devices, tools, machinery or storage tanks, computer simulation is playing an important role in testing designs, making repeated changes and increasing overall efficiency in the energy industry.

Chemical Processing

Using the SimScale browser-based platform, companies operating in Chemical Processing can simulate products, fluids and materials, benefiting from the entire range of Structural Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics analyses.

Healthcare & Biomechanics

With SimScale, the innovation within the healthcare industry can be combined with improved design reliability and more affordable development process. The platform enables simulation of arteries or bones, medical and orthopedic equipment.

Engineering Services

Regardless of the industries they are specialized in, engineering offices from all over the world are using the SimScale simulation platform to virtually test their design via a standard Web browser and deliver the best quality to their customers in less time.


Being an integral part of the design process, from concept to product release and certifications, CFD simulation is an indispensable tool in the marine industry.

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