With SimScale, the innovation within the healthcare industry can be combined with improved design reliability and more affordable development process. The platform enables simulation of healthcare and medical products including personalized devices, medical equipment, orthopedic, and dental implants.

Engineering Services

Regardless of the industries they are specialized in, engineering offices from all over the world are using the SimScale simulation platform to virtually test their design and deliver the best quality to their customers in less time.

Marine & Shipbuilding

Boats, ships, oil rigs, aircraft carriers, hovercraft, submarines, and any other marine vessel or structure can be simulated with SimScale, having access to the entire suite of simulation types.

Process Engineering

From petroleum and chemical engineering to environmental engineering, many sectors rely on simulation to design, analyze and optimize technical processes and apparatus.

Heavy Equipment

Whether it’s used to virtually test heavy machines or their parts, the SimScale platform has all the functionalities to obtain the required data for making changes and optimizations early in the design process.

Plant Engineering

With the possibility to analyze heat generation and heat transfer, mixing, diverting, separation and filtration, SimScale is a key tool for the Plant Engineering industry.


From turbines and centrifugal pumps to compressors and fans, the SimScale platform is optimized for turbomachinery simulation.